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1 (a) Choose the correct form of verb and fill up the bubbles. (05)
(i) They __________ their work by tomorrow. (complete, completed, has completed, will have completed)
(ii) He __________ here since 1970. (had been coming, comes, came, come)
(iii) He __________ to my letter. (do not reply, did not reply, have not replied, are not replying)
(iv) They __________ to sleep at ten. (goes, go, shall go, is going)
(v) They baby __________ for milk now. (cries, cry, is crying, are crying)
(b) Choose the word with correct spellings and fill up the bubbles. (04)
(vi) Entigrity, Entegrity, Integrity, Integrety
(vii) Lothe, Loth, Loathe, Loath
(viii) Axele, Ecxcel, Exsel, Excel
(ix) Reveng, Ravenge, Revange, Revenge
(c) Choose the correct option and fill up the bubbles. (05)
(x) But the point here is that it is not that convenient. The underlined word means: (easy, good, difficult, weak)
(xi) Ali was impressed __________ Sarmad's grades. (with, by, from, in)
(xii) The synonym of "current" is: (dated, pleasure, old, up-to-date)
(xiii) The antonym of "might" is: (grand, strong, weak, heavy)
(xiv) I ate a __________ sandwich. Which connotation is more negative? (moist, grin, soggy, uneasy)
(d) Choose the correct option according to grammar and fill up the bubbles. (05)
(xv) How long __________ you been working in the garden? (are, has, will, have)
(xvi) The man complained that there was not bred. The underlined sentence is a/an: (dependent clause, relative clause, independent clause, none)
(xvii) Someone ate my cookies. The underlined word is a/an __________ pronoun. (personal, indefinite, relative, emphatic)
(xviii) I am afraid I cannot afford to spend too much. The underlined word is a/an: (infinitive sentence, participle sentence, gerund sentence, none)
(xix) The accident was due to his ruthlessness. The underlined word is a/an __________ noun. (abstract, concrete, collective, proper)
2. Write short answers of any FIVE of the following questions. (10)
(i) Why is the poet repeating the sentence "try again"?
(ii) Which book has inspired you the most? Why?
(iii) How does the scene look like when the wind is still?
(iv) How internet has brought people closer?
(v) Why should people be given more opportunity to read books?
(vi) What should we do if we find our task hard?
(vii) How do career counselors help you choose the right profession?
(viii) What other word you can use to replace optimum?
3. Translate into Urdu / Rewrite into simple English the following paragraph. (08)
     While Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was on his death bed, he proclaimed, "If I owed something to anyone; or if I wronged any person, or damaged anyone's property or honour, my person, my honour and my property are here; he may take revenge from me in this world." There was complete silence. Only one person demanded a few dirhams which were paid to him.
4. Write down the summary of the poem "Peace" by Dr. Hartman. (05)
Paraphrase the following lines into simple English with reference to the context. 
If you find your task hard,
Try again,
Time will bring you your reward.
Try again,
All that other folk can do,
Why with patience should not you?
5. Write an essay of 150-200 words on any ONE of the following topics. (15)
(i) Village Life
(ii) A True Muslim
(iii) Courtesy
Write a paragraph of 100-150 words on any ONE of the following topics. 
(i) The Teacher I Like the Best
(ii) A House on Fire
(iii) My Neighbour
6. Change any FIVE of the following sentences into indirect form. (05)
(i) She said to me, "You are a lazy boy."
(ii) Afshan said, "I am sewing mother's shirt."
(iii) They said, "We have done our duty."
(iv) She said, "Where do you live?"
(v) The referee said, "Quiet please."
(vi) He said, "Hurrah! We have won the match."
(vii) She said, "May you prosper."
(viii) She says, "I hope I am not late."
7. Use any FIVE of the following pairs of words in your own sentences. (05)
(i) Beside, Besides
(ii) Dew, Due
(iii) Fair, Fare
(iv) Ice, Snow
(v) Miner, Minor
(vi) Pore, Pour
(vii) Sole, Soul
(viii) Weak, Week
8. Translate the following paragraph into English. (08)
Write TEN sentences about "Pakistani Women". 

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