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1. Circle the correct option. Each part carries one mark. (15)
(i) The eighth lunar month is __________. (Ramadan, Rajab, Shaban, Safar)
(ii) Synonym of 'Freedom' is __________. (Independence, Dependence, Slavery, dependent)
(iii) Hazrat Ayesha (RA) remained with the Holy Prophet (PBUH) for __________. (eight years, ten years, twelve years, thirteen years)
(iv) The poem 'A Nation's Strength' has been composed by __________. (Cecil Alexander, Henry Wotton, R.W. Emerson, William Wordsworth)
(v) Which is the opposite of 'Generous'? (ungrateful, gentle, miser, famous)
(vi) You are writing a letter to your friend. How would you salute him? (Dear Friend, Dear Madam, Respected Friend, All of these)
(vii) 'It is a fault that will right itself.' The underlined word is a/an __________. (verb, noun, adjective, adverb)
(viii) All the intoxicants have __________ damaging for health. (proof, proven, to prove, none of these)
(ix) What does the word 'Potent' mean? (spoil, glorify, strong, lose)
(x) 'He does not take pride in his piety'. Which tense is it? (present perfect, present indefinite, present continuous, present perfect continuous)
(xi) Which of the following is the correct sentence? (One of the boy had been absent, One of the boys were absent, Of of the boy was absent)
(xii) Which of the following was the meeting place of Muslims and the headquarter of the administrator? (Ka'aba, Arafat, Masjid-i-Nabvi, Masjid-ul-Haram)
(xiii) Which of the following is a Relative Pronoun? (these, myself, them, anyone)
(xiv) Crafts were the main source of __________ for the people of the country. (cooperation, fame, leisure, livelihood)
(xv) 'He did this Herculean task himself and proved his worth.' This is a __________. (complex sentence, simple sentence, compound sentence, complex compound sentence)
2. Answer any FIVE of the following parts in about 30 to 40 words each. Each part carries three marks. (15)
(i) Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is the greatest educationist of the world. Discuss with reference to the lesson, 'Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as an Educationist.
(ii) What is the importance of Lok Mela?
(iii) Mention any three clauses of the treaty of Median.
(iv) Can computers take over the world in future?
(v) How can we do away with the drugs from the society?
(vi) Why did the Khalifa invite certain people to dinner?
(vii) What is required by a person who wishes to lead a 'well balanced life'?
3. (a) Paraphrase any ONE of the following stanzas. (03)
(i) Then deem it not an idle thing,
A pleasant word to speak.
The face you wear, the thoughts you bring,
A heat may heal or break.
(ii) Who ran to help me when I fell,
And would some pretty story tell,
Or kiss my head to make me well?
My Mother
(b) Read the following stanza carefully and answer the questions given at the end. (06)
Whose passions not his masters are;
Whose soul is still prepared for death,
Untied unto the world by care
Of public fame or private breath;
(i) What qualities are required for a happy life according to this stanza?
(ii) Is the soul of a happy man prepared for death? Explain.
(iii) Explain the words 'Public Fame' and 'Private Breath'.
4. Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end. (04)
     The age of steam has yielded place to the age of electricity. We have harnessed and introduced it into the service of man. The electric telegraph bears our message to and brings us news from all quarters of the world. Submarine cable does its own work all right.
     Who is not familiar with the electric bell? Who has not used telephone? Who is not enjoying electric light? Electric motors, wireless telegraphy, electric railways, electric modes of constructions and destruction all attest to the great power of electricity. Electricity has developed modern industry and has created many industries. It has enabled man to conquer land, the sea and the air.
(i) Which age has yielded place to the age of electricity? (01)
(ii) What are the important uses of electricity? (02)
(iii) Write the meanings of the underlined words. (02)
(iv) Summarize the passage in your own words and suggest a suitable title. (05)
5. (a) Change the narration of any FOUR of the following sentences. (04)
(i) Akram said to me, "You are not working."
(ii) "I have washed the clothes", She said.
(iii) I said to them, "Let us go for a walk."
(iv) They said to us, "Where had you been living?"
(v) The teacher said, "Sun sets in the West."
(b) Use any FOUR of the following phrasal verbs in sentences. (04)
(i) Adorn with
(ii) Look after
(iii) Back out
(iv) Get through
(v) Pity for
6. Write a letter to your mother who is worried about your health. (08)
Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper commenting on frequent suicidal bomb blasts nowadays. 
7. Write an essay on any ONE of the following topics. (150-200 words) (10)
(i) Courtesy
(ii) Life in a Big City

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