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1. Circle the correct option. Each part carries one mark. (15)
(i) Shab-e-Barat is celebrated in the month of __________ (Muharram, Rajab, Shabaan, Shawwal)
(ii) The human brain weighs __________ (one pound, two pounds, three pounds, four pounds)
(iii) Who was the second Khalifah of Islam? (Harzar Umer Farooq RA, Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique RA, Hazrat Ali RA, Hazrat Usman Ghani RA)
(iv) "Ajrak" and caps with silver embroidery are made in __________ (Peshawar, Balochistan, D.G. Khan, Sindh)
(v) "Pakistan should be based on sure foundations of social justice and Islamic socialism which emphasize equality and brotherhood of man." The Quaid said while delivering a speech in __________ (Chittagong in March, 1948, Islamia College Peshawar 1948, Muslim League Convention, Convention of Muslim Student Federation)
(vi) "We saw the Prime Minister himself. " What type of pronoun the underlined word is? (distributive pronoun, emphatic pronoun, indefinite pronoun, reflexive pronoun)
(vii) "The girl ran a needle into her finger." The underlined verb is __________ (transitive, intransitive, helping, infinitive)
(viii) Which of the following is NOT a sentence? (He enjoys good health, The beggar sat down by the side of the road, Behind the tree, The cat sleeps on the rug)
(ix) She has __________ all the leaks of the __________ with Apoxy. (sealing, ceel/ sealed, ceiling/ ceiled, sealing/ sealing, cealing)
(x) Choose the correct spelling: (tyranise, tyrannise, tiranize, tyranize)
(xi) "I called him but he refused to recognize me". What is the underlined word? (a conjunction, a pronoun, an adverb, an adjective)
(xii) "He is an honorable man." The underlined word is a/an __________. (pronoun, article, adjective, noun)
(xiii) "The horse reared and the rider was thrown." This is a __________. (simple sentence, complex sentence, compound sentence, compound complex sentence)
(xiv) "He invited me to his home yesterday." What tense is it? (past indefinite, past perfect, present indefinite, passive voice of past indefinite)
(xv) What is the opposite of 'Barbarous'? (inhumane, wild, civilized, worst)

2. Answer any FIVE of the following parts in about 30 to 40 words each. Each part carries three marks. (5 x 3 = 15)
(i) How did Hazrat Ali (RA) treat Talha in the Battle of Ohad?
(ii) How does a man lose his self-respect?
(iii) What do Sialkot, Gujrat and Ghakkar specialize in?
(iv) What qualities was Hazrat Ayesha (RA) distinguished for?
(v) How can the police give us traffic education?
(vi) What are the disadvantages of late rising?
(vii) Why did Hazrat Ali (RA) sell his armour before his wedding ceremony?
3. (a) Paraphrase any ONE of the following stanzas. (03)
(i) He gave us eyes to see them,
And lips that we might tell,
How great is God Almighty,
Who has made all things well.
(ii) Who ran to help me when I fell,
And would some pretty, story tell
Or kiss my head to make me well?
My Mother
(b) Read the following stanza carefully and answer the questions given at the end. (06)
A word, a look has crushed to earth,
Full many a budding flower.
Which had a smile but owned its birth,
Had blessed life's darkest hour.
(i) What is the importance of 'A Little Word'?
(ii) How can our harsh words affect other people?
(iii) Explain the first two lines of the stanza.
4. Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end. (10)
     About sixty years ago the question of choosing a profession was not taken up seriously. A son generally followed the trade of his father. But nowadays one can take up a trade one likes. The students who make the right choice of profession are always successful. For the right choice of a profession there should be some definite aim. The students who do not have any definite aim suffer a lot in the end as they have also a difficulty in finding an employment. In choosing a profession the teacher and the parents play a very important part. The teacher keeps an eye on his pupils. He studies their habits. So he can put his pupils on the right path of life.
(i) What were the conditions about the selection of a profession sixty years ago? (01)
(ii) How can the students suffer in life who do not have some definite aim? (02)
(iii) Write the meanings of the underlined words. (02)
(iv) Summarize the passage in your own words and suggest a suitable title. (05)

5. (a) Change the narration of any FOUR of the following sentences. (04)
(i) He said to us, "I planted these trees yesterday."
(ii) He said, "What a beautiful wrist watch she has presented you!"
(iii) She said, "She bake a cake."
(iv) The boy said, "I will leave for London on Monday morning."
(v) The magistrate said to the police officers, "Arrest these pickpockets".
(b) Use any FOUR of the following phrasal verbs in sentences. (04)
(i) Look into
(ii) Stand by
(iii) Set off
(iv) Put out
(v) Keep on
6. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper about purse and mobile snatching in your locality. (08)
Write an application to the principal for the grant of fee-concession. 
7. Write an essay on any ONE of the following topics. (150-200 words) (10)
(i) Rising Prices - Inflation
(ii) Importance of Games

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